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Autoclave Aluminium Pressure Cooker Type

Autoclave Aluminium Pressure Cooker Type
ELECTRIC Autoclave Aluminum (Sterilizer) Vertical Type Seamless.
Size/Capacity : 6ltr - 75ltr
Seamless construction ensures bacteria free environment. The unit is made of Aluminium mirror finish. Equipped with Pressure Gauge, Safety Valve, Double Safety Valve, Steam Release Valve, Vacuum Release Valve, Rubber Gasket, Inner Container, Inner tripod stand and Mild Steel Stand for Autoclave.
Models/Variants Capacity

Standard Size ( Inch/mm )    
DIV - 101 9"X6" (225X160mm) 6ltr Non-Electrical
DIV - 102 9"X7.5" (225X190mm) 7.5ltr Non-Electrical
DIV - 103 9"X9" (225X225mm) 9ltr Non-Electrical
DIV - 104 9"X9" (225X225mm) 9ltr Electrical
DIV - 105 9"X10" (225X250mm) 10ltr Non-Electrical
DIV - 106 9"X10" (225X250mm) 10ltr Electrical
DIV - 107 9"X10" (225X275mm) 10ltr Non-Electrical
DIV - 108 9"X11" (225X275mm) 12ltr Electrical
DIV - 109 9"X11" (250X300mm) 12ltr Non-Electrical
DIV - 110 10"X12" (250X300mm) 16ltr Electrical
DIV - 111 10"X12" (300X300mm) 16ltr Non-Electrical
DIV - 112 12"X12" (300X300mm) 21ltr Electrical
DIV - 113 12"X12" (300X350mm) 21ltr Non-Electrical
DIV - 114 12"X14" (300X350mm) 25ltr Electrical
DIV - 115 12"X14" (300X400mm) 25ltr Non-Electrical
DIV - 116 12"X16" (300X400mm) 30ltr Electrical
DIV - 117 12"X16" (300X550mm) 30ltr Non-Electrical
DIV - 118 12"X22" (300X550mm) 40ltr Electrical
DIV - 119 12"X22" (350X325mm) 40ltr Non-Electrical
DIV - 120 14"X13" (350X325mm) 32ltr Electrical
DIV - 121 14"X13" (350X380mm) 32ltr Non-Electrical
DIV - 122 14"X15"(350X380mm) 39ltr Electrical
DIV - 123 14"X15"(350X430mm) 39ltr Non-Electrical
DIV - 124 14"X17"(350X430mm) 43ltr Electrical
DIV - 125 14"X17" (450X350mm) 43ltr Non-Electrical
DIV - 126 18"X14" (450X350mm) 55ltr Electrical
DIV - 127 18"X14" (450X400mm) 55ltr Non-Electrical
DIV - 128 18"X16" (450X400mm) 63ltr Electrical
DIV - 129 18"X16" (450X450mm) 63ltr Non-Electrical
DIV - 130 18"X18" (450X450mm) 75ltr Electrical

Sterilizing Temp. : 120° C-131° C
Sterilizing Time : 25-30 Minutes or As Desired.
Heating Element : 2000 Watts, 220/240 Volts A/C.
Indian Surgical Industries is a leading manufacturer of autoclaves of a wide variety that are used in medical field all around the world. Our autoclave/sterilizers serve to sterilize medical instruments effectively as they are designed to meet all international norms including globally recognized temperature of 121º degrees and a standard range of in generating steam to sterilize equipments.

As autoclave sterilization is the well known process in medical, Laborand veterinary field, we try our best to serve you with autoclaves of high quality, easy functioning and eco friendliness. And this has made Indian Surgical one of the fast growing autoclaves manufacturers in India.

At Indian Surgical Industries, we design and manufacture highly sophisticated autoclaves that help to destroy all kinds of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens from instruments in medical laboratories, pharmacy labs, research institutes, botanical and zoological gardens. Some of our best sterilization products include (Hi) Pressure Autoclaves Vertical & Horizontal , Bowl Utensil Sterilizer Electric (s/s), Instrument Sterilizer , Manual Needle Syringe Destroyer, and  Fumigator/Disinfector S.S.
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